Sunday, June 05, 2016

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.

I remember saying this in my dream this morning - because it was my last day alive.

I was to fix my burial package last minute , and get something from Ali Mall. I took my last shower, I cleaned the rug while I showered. I was 40 , had work but was simultaneously in high school. At 40. And such are the timelines in a dream.

I was lining up the clothes of the people I love in one closet - the same one my own clothes emptied.

It must've been the play I watched - The Normal Heart. Frantic, helpless, angry men clueless of the plague that hit them in New York in 1981. Great piece and great rendition by Filipino English speaking actors.

At the end, they flashed numbers on stage. It was like going through a PowerPoint presentation - the most dramatic deck I've had to sit through.

The alarming statistics as of 2016 goes: 25 HIV cases per day in Manila. And most cases are of ages 15-24. That puts my nephews and nieces at risk if they aren't careful.

And at the open forum, yes there was, I learned that breast milk is one of the fluids that carry HIV. Both men and women have been diagnosed with the disease. And a generic prevention drug is available in Thailand. Which hopefully doesn't motivate you to acquire HIV to frequent the land of Tom Yum.

Last 2 shows of The Normal Heart today, June 5 at the PETA Center, QC. Meanwhile, I have a test for my abnormal heart right beside at St Luke's.

Monday, April 25, 2016

While a bit sick, I've found a way to be more productive. And that's dialing back and just setting one main task/meeting per day.

I think I checked off 2 today. So 2 over 1 makes me super efficient.

On the side, there was time for hot tea, a 3 hour nap, web surfing, relaxed driving, one third of a movie (World War Z), envisioning a new biz, a new script, 2 NBA games on the console and then some texting.

But... I started my day at 1 am.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And so in a flash, it was done.

A month of studying content marketing and 10 years of capturing videos and photos - squeezed into a 4 hour workshop.

Will mark this as a first for me. Tomorrow is a second over at Sinulog town -  Cebu.

Thanks to a great set of Smart clients and friends who continue to trust. It only gets better.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hello, blog.

Fast forward to 2016, 9 years after my last post.

I am 40 now and I am heavier by the same number.

Cancer is a memory that has already taken a backseat. But sometimes I am reminded. Like when I have a vein popping out of my thumb. The smell of rubbing alcohol. A headache as terrible as Weng Weng (small but). And most especially - when I am up against a flight of stairs - because chemo has rendered half of my heart weak.

As I have declared but not accepted, I can only love as half the man that I was.

Cut the drama. Cue the lights, the glitz, the work and the glam.

Life is immensely good and generous. Busy. And that is because I have chosen to live under the label - normal.

I triathlon slow. I bike slow. I tennis slow. I golf alright.

I run slow. But I run/co-run 3 businesses fast. Co-run the barbarian.

I work late nights. I wake up early or sometimes don't get to sleep - because I am in a constant state of thinking.

I think a lot - me thinks. I teenk - of concepts, financials, low sales, deadlines, jokes, women, sports, massage, and the masseuse. 2k16. The game.

2016. How time flies. Why is that sentence not a question?

Tonight , I part with this - may our dear Lord, the master healer, visit the sick and ease their discomfort and pain.

Because now,  I am reminded.

Cue music - it's all coming back, all coming back to me now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This blog has died. Fortunately, I haven't. And Im not about to.

The only comments I'm getting are from porn sites. Are they that concerned now?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am full

Kumain ako ng lechon sa children's party
Di yun ang hanap pero syang nag pa happy
Bawal daw sa may kanser
But what da heck Flora Gaser
Kung si Barney na kahit isang malaking pasa ay buhay
Ako pang normal ang kulay

Sunod pumunta 'ko sa tomatokick
Resto ng pren ko na sa art ay adick
Pumasta, sumizzling at pumita bread
Kabusugan umabot to my head...below
Kasi naman nakaka wiwi
Sa Pepsi Max and water liver ko ay nawili

I am full... to the brim
My lips met some tea right at the rim
Then I tried to download
Or else I'd explode
But gas lang ang lumabas
Not counted, walang nabawas

Di pa natapos ang pagkain
Pizza and ravioli came in runnin
Sinong bang maka resist ng Bellini's
Parang girls in bikinis,
Nakakagana, you'll want some more pa
Kaya naman nagpahabol ako ng bibingcrepe, aaah

I am full
Full, full, full
Soulful, so full
Lapit na maulol
Kaya I'll sleep na
When I wake up sana 'di na

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can't figure out this blog.

My most recent post doesn't appear on the home page.

This is a test. Tes tis one chu, one chu.